Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Woodland art

Norval Morrisseau, the first woodland artist, was very talented. He became a full time artist in the early 1960s and became very successful. His style of art is often based off myths, and spiritual concepts. While some people supported him and loved his art, others were furious with him for sharing the myths and stories of their people. Though he faces this struggle he introduced an amazing style of art and did what he thought was right. 
Below are a few examples of woodland art: 

This style of art is very unique and interesting. Our grade 10 art clas will be making our own woodland art. We will be doing this through lino cutting/printing. Though the way we will be doing this seems difficult, the results should be very interesting. For people who may also be interested in doing this, below I will link videos about woodland art and how to make them using lino cutting/printing.

Norval Morrisseau - Woodland Art

Making Linocuts - process

Monday, 9 December 2013

Gothic Cathedrals

Gothic cathedrals are very detailed and interesting. They are very mysterious and dark. The common distinctive characteristics of gothic cathedrals are: 

Grand tall designs - they swept upwards with height and grandeur.

Pointed arches - was used to support more weight than regular pillars.

Flying buttress - used to reinforce the walls that tended to lean outward under the weight of the vaulted ceilings.

Stained glass windows - often had complex and beautiful patterns. The Rose Window is commonly used for its beautiful design. 

Statuary such as gargoyles - often thought to ward off evil spirits and was also used as a water spout for many gutters lining the vaulted ceilings.

vaulted roofs - representation of the power of the church and used in many temples and public buildings.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

My Sketch Book

Although most posts are artwork done at school, I also have my own personal sketch books at home. I decided to share my drawings. I don't have specific reasons or meanings for the drawings. Most drawings were for my older brother. When I first realized that my drawings were actually good, I knew I wanted to impress my brother. Soon other people were impressed by them too. So I know that a lot of the drawings aren't very girly but I love them anyways. The drawings aren't in the order that I actually did them, so I included the year that they were drawn. Enjoy :)
2011: Here I was just doodling. This was actually the day I realized how good I could draw if I tried. I didn't realize until my family members told me and wanted to show it to other people.  I often hear people say that they suck at drawing. But have you truly TRIED?  I used to say the same thing until I actually tried and didn't give up. Everything takes practice, but you have to have the patience. This drawing compared to my new ones is obvious not as good. But I practiced and I got better. This drawing was from over two years ago and I am still improving.  

2011: one of the first drawings I made for my brother. A simple skull with a design behind it.To me this looks awful but I still want people to see my progress. 

2012: A simple cat drawing. This is when I first started incorporating my love of animals into my drawing. The detail and shading isn't the best but I refuse to change anything I've drawn. It is a reminder of how I have improved.

2013: Halo 4. One of my favourite video games. I knew I had to draw something important to all the games. So of course I drew something related to the main character. 

2013: A small sketch of a bird. I love animals, so of course I love drawing them as well. This was a short sketch which is why it isn't very detailed. 

2011: One of the many drawings for my brother. I actually drew the wings and the monster first. It made it difficult to draw in the grim reaper but I knew I had to include it no matter what. 

2011: Gears of War. For the other gamers. I found multiple things related to the game such as the quote, the main title symbol, and the dog tags of the characters in the game. 

2013: Wolves. At first I was going to draw a regular wolf but I decided I wanted something that would better catch people's attention. 

2011: Skyrim. Though it is not one of my personal favourite games, it was one that my brother enjoyed. Since I didn't know a lot about the game, I drew the main title symbol. I tried drawing in a dragon after I saw the ones in the game, but I knew it had to be great. So, I gave it it's own page. 

2013: A dragon inspired by the Skyrim drawing. I didn't finish the whole body of the dragon, so I focused the detail on the head and included shading. 

2012: An unfinished skull drawing. This is when I first started focusing more on shading. When I draw, it never looks good enough to me. So I often spend a long time on drawings such as this one. I felt bad about not finishing it, but my favourite art teacher once told me that "even famous artists have unfinished work".

2013: I actually drew this shark today. I started the basic outline about a week ago and never finished it. No I didn't give up, I took a break until I felt inspired and I came back to it and finished it. It took me about an hour or so. I get very into drawing so I don't realize how much time goes by. I've gone 4 hours non stop drawing in my sketch book, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

2013: I also drew this today in about 15 minutes, which explains the uneven lettering and lack of detail. I draw a lot of sketches that take about 5-10 minutes as practice. This drawing was originally inspired by all of the Assassin's Creed games, but since the games don't have a main character that reappears in every game, I decided to go with the main symbol for the most recent assassins creed game, Black Flag. Assassins creed is my favourite game series. Trying to find time around school and daily obligations to do so many things that I love doing is very difficult. This is why I draw and doodle during school( it has become a habit of mine). 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Art Everywhere

I love art. I love drawing and creating things. Has anyone ever doodled or drawn on your work in school? Yah, me too. This is the outcome of me doodling during classes, when I get bored, or while I'm trying to think.


Monday, 11 November 2013

My Mosaic Art

After looking for ideas I finally made my own mosaic. I used small pieces of coloured glass to achieve this. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mosaic Art Ideas

In our grade 10 art class we are making mosaic art. Most students are making stepping stones to take home. I would like to make a stepping stone, so I found some ideas that I like and would like to possibly try to recreate(with my own ideas). 

Mosaic Art Ideas

These are a few examples of mosaic art that I find interesting and nice. 
I hope to incorporate some of the ideas from these pictures in my own mosaic art. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Dot Day Art

Our grade 10 art class is participating in the dot day art. We all made something for dot day. Below is what I did for dot day: 
πŸ™ˆ It looks like a colourful watermelon xD

My Grade 10 Art Sketch Book

Our grade 10 art class got to make our own sketch books. We were allowed to fill them with what we wanted(appropriate things of course) My sketch book is filled with doodles and quotes that inspire me to draw. Below are pictures of what my sketchbook contains:

Sketch book cover✨😜---^ 
My definition of Art🎨 ---^ 
Doodles πŸ™ˆ ----^ 
" create your own wonderland " 🌟--^ 
An art quote that I thought suited this pageπŸ‘€✨ ---^ 
A sketch I'm not proud of. But when I draw, I never change the finished product.🌺 ----^ 

And that concludes my sketch book. It is a small sketch book used for what we were doing in art class.( I have a personal sketch book at home ) πŸ˜„

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Grade 10 Mosaic Art

1. What is a mosaic?

A mosaic is a picture or pattern made by putting together small colored pieces of  material such as stone, tile, or glass.

2. When were mosaics used in history?

Artists have been creating and using mosaics for over 4,000 years. 

3. How were mosaics used? 

 Often, mosaics are used on floors or on panels. They can also be on ceilings. They can be found inside and outside. Mosaics can be anywhere. 

4. What kinds of art were created?( find images and give proper credit )

Friday, 6 September 2013

Art Questions

1. What do you think of art? Are you excited about this class, or does it make you freak-out a bit? Tell me about it.

I think art is fun and gives people the chance to express themselves and learn how to do different things. I am definitely excited about this class. I love art and learning more about it. I hope that we get to do more challenging things this year and I'm excited to see whats next. 

2.) "What is Art?" 

Art to me is about expressing yourself and putting yourself into your art work. Art comes in different forms and can be very inspiring. 

3.) What is your favorite thing about school? Why is it your favorite? 

My favorite thing about school is getting to see everybody. Even though I'm not close friends with everyone in my classes I still like talking to everybody. Making new friends is always fun too. 

4.) what is your least favorite thing about school? 

My least favorite thing about school is the stress that comes with it. Falling behind, hard work, tests, exams, even bullying. It can all be very stressful and makes school a lot less fun. 

5.) What kind of activities do you hate doing in school? 

Public speaking is definitely at the top of the list of activities that I hate. Talking to people is easy, but presenting something isn't. Especially if it is a large class or is worth a lot of marks. It makes students nervous and stressed. Some students have anxiety and trying to make them do something that they honestly can't do does not help. 

6.) If your learning experience in the class could be anything you wanted it to be how would you change/design it?

I would definitely want to do a lot of hands on work. Like drawing and painting and getting a say in what you would like to paint or draw. The little things that come between are not as fun in my opinion but I still do them. 

7.) Are there any art techniques you would like to learn or develop? 

I would like to learn how to draw free hand without needing ideas to look from. When I draw I find multiple pictures that inspire me and give me an idea and I draw them. I would like to be able to think of something to draw on my own. I also know that I'm not the best painter, but if I tried hard and learned more on how to do it I'm sure i would improve.