Friday, 20 September 2013

My Grade 10 Art Sketch Book

Our grade 10 art class got to make our own sketch books. We were allowed to fill them with what we wanted(appropriate things of course) My sketch book is filled with doodles and quotes that inspire me to draw. Below are pictures of what my sketchbook contains:

Sketch book cover✨😜---^ 
My definition of Art🎨 ---^ 
Doodles πŸ™ˆ ----^ 
" create your own wonderland " 🌟--^ 
An art quote that I thought suited this pageπŸ‘€✨ ---^ 
A sketch I'm not proud of. But when I draw, I never change the finished product.🌺 ----^ 

And that concludes my sketch book. It is a small sketch book used for what we were doing in art class.( I have a personal sketch book at home ) πŸ˜„


  1. Brooke, your sketchbook has been thoughtfully prepared with a great variety of images, quotes and line work. After reading a previous blog post, I can see how your comment about wanting to learn about shading is demonstrated here -- I'm looking forward to sharing some shading techniques with you this year.

  2. You are such a good artist :O please keep drawing and post more of your sketches :D