Wednesday, 17 December 2014


In my grade 11 art class we decided to blend art with another one of our classes to make something creative. I chose to stick with drawing and blended art with my aboriginal language/studies class. I focused on line and colour in my drawing of a wolf and a dream catcher. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Contemporary vs Traditional Art

In my opinion, Traditional art is the most commonly seen art. It usually consists of landscapes, and realistic objects or people. It's usually very realistic and resembles what we see in real life. To me, traditional art makes more sense. Traditional art is what I hope to create as an artist. I would like to be able to create images the way I actually see them. I have high expectations that I hope to meet. 

To me Contemporary art is a freer way to express yourself. Landscapes and nature is often used but without the idea of realism. It's how the artist views the world in their own way. Colours, shapes and lines are used to express the meaning of the art. I enjoy this type of art as well but I prefer realism. I respect and value both kinds of art and I hope to improve my own skills as an artist. 

- Brooke 🌸

Nip-Rock Art

I drew two things for nip rock art. The first one is a doodle that I did. The second is one that I posted on social media with the hashtag #niprockart to get our schools art out into the public. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Art Culminating

Our final art project for this year is all about us. We can create any type of artwork that displays who we are. Some people used timelines of their lives with pictures of friends and family. I believe that since it's art class, we should use art to display ourselves. My artwork is done in pencil. Drawing is my specialty. It includes pets that I have, bands that I listen to, drawings I often recreate, video games I like, uplifting quotes that have helped me, and other things that are me. Enjoy! :) 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cathedral Art

In our art class we were discussing gothic cathedrals. I made a previous post explaining what gothic cathedrals are and how the work. We wanted to make our own cathedrals. My first thought was to make one out of gingerbread after seeing how great they look.
I realized later how hard it would be. So I found a simpler and smaller idea of what I wanted to make.
Lots of the students in our class had the same idea. Gingerbread and icing was hard to work with for them. So I thought of using Legos.
After trying many times to make a cathedral I realized how difficult that was as well. The outcome would have been good, and I like the idea of using Legos. They are more stable than gingerbread and you can change how it looks whenever you want and even rebuild it. This project really interested me. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Value art

Our grade 10 highschool art class has been working with the elements in art. We used value among those and created interesting drawings. Below is my value art design:

I played around with the shading in the drawing. I smudged around the individual drawings to make them stand out even more. I had hoped to have had the page mostly covered for a more dramatic effect, but I am proud of these results. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Woodland Art Carvings

For our woodland art project we are using carving materials to make prints. Below are the steps I took when making mine.
First, I looked through pictures and chose one to change around. I made it look like a woodland animal and drew it out in pencil. 
Afterwards I marked which parts I would carve out, hence the '##'

Next, I finished carving and rolled black printing ink onto it. 

Finally, I printed the carving and got this finished project. Of course, you could change it by carving more, but I liked how it turned out.