Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cathedral Art

In our art class we were discussing gothic cathedrals. I made a previous post explaining what gothic cathedrals are and how the work. We wanted to make our own cathedrals. My first thought was to make one out of gingerbread after seeing how great they look.
I realized later how hard it would be. So I found a simpler and smaller idea of what I wanted to make.
Lots of the students in our class had the same idea. Gingerbread and icing was hard to work with for them. So I thought of using Legos.
After trying many times to make a cathedral I realized how difficult that was as well. The outcome would have been good, and I like the idea of using Legos. They are more stable than gingerbread and you can change how it looks whenever you want and even rebuild it. This project really interested me. 

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