Thursday, 17 December 2015


I've always been interested in strange things haha. Things such as mystical creatures. Things like dragons. I've been wanting to practice my shading technique, so I decided I would draw something different, yet unique. Here is the progress of my drawing of a dragon.

I was hoping to use this drawing as a theme for my three piece art series. I am behind on this project but I'm going to put a lot of effort into it. I want to focus on shading as my technique. And I thought I should stick to fantasy creatures as a theme.

Updates will follow.

Thank you :) 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Syrian Refugee Crisis Response

The grade 9 art class had a very intelligent and creative response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Thousands of people have been forced to escape their home land and try to find refuge in another country due to the war in Syria. Hearing about the crisis and witnessing the pain and suffering that those people have went through is heart breaking.

The grade 9s did a great job in capturing the pain of the crisis in their artwork. The messages behind their artwork were very touching and meaningful. They connected the crisis to their own artwork and incorporated ideas from existing artworks to model the idea for their piece.

You can read about the crisis for yourself here. Thank you. 

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is known for many amazing artworks such as:

swans reflecting elephants - 1937
Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening - 1944
The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory - 1954

The Spanish artist and surrealist icon is best known for his painting of The Persistence of Memory, also known as the melting clocks. His artwork takes on odd perspectives that seem to violate the rules of reality.

Obviously clocks wouldn't just melt on a landscape in real life. But in his mind they do. His paintings really make you think and begin to alter reality in your own creative mind. His work is a reminder that there are no limits to art and the things that you can conjure up in your own mind.

I will include examples of his artwork, however you should research him as well if you are interested. You can find information about him and his artwork.

Monday, 5 October 2015

You Art A Book - Update

I forgot to take pictures of my progress while I was painting my book. I painted the inside (hollowed part) red and painted the outside pages black. I have a few pages saved that I didn't cut or paint. Those pages will include words that describe me, how I see my own world, and my favourite quotes. Updates will follow.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Charcoal Art

Mrs Rose has encouraged us to start working with contrast art. We tried using chalk and charcoal today to draw simple objects such as cups or bowls. This was my first ever attempt at charcoal art and I would like to document it so that I can look back on it as I improve. I look forward to experimenting with charcoal again. This was a very fun experience.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Artist Review

For those of you who have not heard of JR, look up his work @JRArt and let me know what you think! Anyways, this is my review of his work.

JR owns the biggest art gallery in the world. He brings his work to the streets as a way of sending out messages and catching the attention of those who don't tend to go to museums or gallery's. His work mixes Art, Act, Freedom, Identity, Limit, and also communicates commitment and orgininallity. He has accomplished a lot and will continue to grow as an artist. 

Between 2004 and 2006, JR created "Portraits of a Generation". This project focused on portraits of young people from the housing projects around Paris that he exhibited in huge format. These portraits were sometimes as large as the side of a building, drawing the attention of the people passing by below.

In 2008, JR undertook an international tour for "Women Are Heroes", a project that highlights the dignity of women who are often targets during conflicts. He was very successful with a project in Times Square with the "Inside Out Project" in 2013. The project challenger advertising with a massive work of art that consisted of thousands of portraits of locals and tourists.

JR'S biggest goal seems to be bringing art to the streets and go the world as a whole. He expresses bis opinions in many different ways and also uses his work to bring people together. His work sends powerful messages and is very inspiring. His goals for his artwork are uplifting. I love his outlook on life and how he sees the world. His methods are amazing and very unique. I think that he is very creative and successful. I look forward to seeing more of his work, and I hope this review will convince you to check out his work as well.

Thank you ^.^

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Grade 12 Art

My art teacher Mrs. Rose has started this year by asking us to interpret other artists work and opinions. Recently we were introduced to a quote and given an idea for a project. We are allowed to expand further from the idea as long as it represents who we are. We were asked to tell our own story/create a book about ourselves. How we would like to tell our story is up to us.

I have written down my ideas for this project and I am very excited for it. To expand on what is shown in the picture, I felt that one book wouldn't be enough to represent me.

How can somebody's experiences and interests be contained in only a few pages?

Instead I am going to create my own book covers that represent me. This will include my interests, things that are important to me,  and my goals and dreams. I will update on this project soon. ^.^

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Who am I?
That's a very hard question to answer. I mean, how do you describe yourself? Who do you view yourself as? What are your strengths?  Weaknesses? How do you view your world? What matters most to you?

Now while I answer these questions, I want you to think about them too.

I didn't know at all who i was. I'm 17 years old and I haven't experienced everything yet. But to me, life is so beautiful. Yes, things go wrong and bad things do happen. But I will never hate life, no matter what it throws at me. The one thing I always think about is what mark I want to leave on the world. I want to matter. We have to all be here for a reason. I will not accept that we are supposed to be here to hurt our beautiful planet and fight for wealth. I want to make a difference, no matter how small. How great would it be to know that you changed someone's life even in the slightest way?

One thing I want most out of life is adventure. I have a huge desire to travel and experience all the amazing things life has to offer. After going on a trip with my parents recently, I'm addicted. Flying in an airplane absolutely blew my mind. But stepping off the plane and into Jamaica left me absolutely awestruck. It was so beautiful and different than what I was used to seeing. The mountains and green trees seemed to go on forever. The ocean and the palm trees made me feel like I was dreaming.  I'll forever remember that beautiful country and I hope to someday return.

What matters to me?
Family. Friends. Nature. Animals. Risks. Chances. Dreams.

My family and friends will always matter the most to me. Those are the people who came into your life and changed it. Even if you don't notice it. Think about it for a minute. How would your life be right now if you had been born into a different family? If you hadn't met a certain person? If you'd lost one of them. Appreciate everything you have.

Now nature will forever be my definition of beautiful. I love to just watch. I get excited everytime the seasons change even though I'll always know how they will look. But I get excited because of the change and because of that moment. No moment will be exactly the same and you can't ever get it back. So enjoy it while you can.

I always find myself admiring everything. From how green the trees look to how mind blowing sunsets can be to how other animals go about their own day. I wonder what animals think about and what they encounter. I wonder if I will see that exact animal ever again.

Now I never knew what to do with this obsession of mine. I seemed to be the only one admiring everything and I couldn't believe nobody else thought that way. Then I realized that I must be seeing something differently. I was seeing my own world and wondering why they couldn't see it too. Everyone is different. Everybody sees things their own way and has a world of their own. Mine is beautiful. Vibrant. Breath taking. Free.

My desire to experience a lot also confused me. I want to do everything! From sky diving to cliff jumping to swimming with sharks. I told my mom and she thought I was absolutely insane. Then I realized who I was. I'm curious and observant and adventurous. I'm a free spirit.

Now, who are you?

Here are so of my pictures:

I experimented a lot with different points of view and angles. Different shots and points of interest can make a huge difference in photos. I included examples showing the same picture from different angles and focus points. I learned a lot about photography and I've come to love it. It allows me to capture the beauty around me.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Elements and Principles of Design

We have been given an assignment to display our understanding of the elements of design. This includes the use of dots and lines which I represented in my assignment.

I created 9 different designs, some better than others, to display different uses of dots and lines. I also used pencil crayons in a wide variety of colours to make each design unique and different.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

But Is It Art?

My art teacher Mrs Rose recently shared with us the work of Doug Peterson. His post can be found here:

The style of art that he describes is very unique and different. Cubism is something I hadn't heard of until viewing his work.

To me the manipulation of existing artwork and photos is so creative. Cubism seems to focus on abstract and perspective art.

I found that standing further away from the artwork and viewing it from different angles manipulated it further.

This form of media art really had me thinking creatively and with an open mind. Please be sure to check out Mr Peterson's post and leave him a comment :)


In our art class we started learning about website design and the coding behind it. Mrs. Rose gave us multiple websites to use to learn the skills needed for coding.

The websites were very detailed and helpful. The coding lessons look very complicated and intimidating at first but it isn't as difficult as it seems.

The websites also include links that teach you how to do things from computer programs to mobile apps and games.

Warning, you may become distracted and lost in the endless amount of links like I did.

If any of this interests you please feel free to check out these websites:

Monday, 13 April 2015

Concept Assignment - Video

For this assignment we're to create an idea for a music video for "Nothin' Beats Home" by Tim Albertson. We're going to use recent techniques from our photography assignment to take pictures and clips to create our idea for this music video. The assignment is only focused on the concept of making the music video, however we are allowed to actually film our videos. I have finished my planning and taken pictures of my ideas. I wrote down my ideas first then created a simple story board to show various camera angles and techniques( I used stick figures).

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I've always enjoyed taking pictures because it allows me to capture a moment that I'll be able to remember. No picture is exactly the same and no moment can be recaptured.

The main element I decided to use for this assignment is the power and uniqueness of close up pictures. It creates depth and perspective. I had a lot of fun with this project.

One of the main things our art teacher made clear was that this assignment was about us. She wanted us to take pictures of things that we enjoy or feel represent ourselves in some way.

I personally love nature and animals. Both can be so beautiful and so mysterious. I'm always taking pictures of sunsets and adorable wildlife.

I also value my family more than anything. They will always come first. To me my pets are family as well. To represent this I included various pictures of my family that I thought were creative.

Video games will always be important to me. Not only are they fun but they allow you to escape into a different world. The same way that books do. Plus, I'll always be determined to compete and play against my brother.

Finally, I'm a very creative person. I like uniqueness and discovering new things. Drawing is the main way I like to express myself and so I included a picture to represent that part of myself.


Monday, 9 March 2015

Walk A Mile

This morning, my media arts class was introduced to The Walk A Mile Project by our teacher. I am very glad she shared this with us. She created her own blog post about this project as well as many others. 

Her blog post can be found here:

The Walk A Mile Project really opened my eyes and expanded my understanding of the relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. 

The objective of the project is to strengthen those relationships between the community at large and Urban Aboriginal Peoples. 

The project is a series of films that aim to draw attention to diversity and relationship-building. This project encourages all community members to truly understand the history of Aboriginal culture. What really happened? What if you change your perspective? 

Learning about the struggles that many Aboriginal communities faced was heartbreaking. The ignorance and inconsiderence of others has ruined families, communities, relationships, innocence. Different cultures and beliefs were lost. Promises and agreements were broken. Confidence turned to confusion and fear. 

This project explains in detail what many Aboriginal families and communities experienced and how they overcame it. Real families give their opinions and share their stories. This project shares true knowledge and disproves stereotypes and dishonesty. 

This project left me entirely open-minded and with a better understanding of Aboriginal struggles, culture and communities. The individuals and families featured in this project have so much strength and courage. I personally admire and support them. 

You can read more about The Walk A Mile Project here:

Find The Walk A Mile Project on facebook:

The Walk A Mile Project video can be viewed here at :

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Global Citizenship

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

I think that being a global citizen means:

• Spending time learning about the world as a whole. 

• Learning about the ways that money, culture, technology, and the environment affect the world

• Learning about and respecting different people and cultures in the world 

• Sharing our knowledge and bettering the understanding of others

• Supporting and encouraging others 

• Providing help even though you live far away (listening to them, giving advice)

• Sharing our own cultures with others (music, activities, events) 

• Being active in our own community and making it a better place to live

Friday, 13 February 2015

Stop Motion

I'm currently in the process of creating my stop motion.

 I finished the planning process and the development of my idea. 

I have a solid idea and a story board of what my stop motion will be.

 I also gathered materials that I will need, including crayons, the main requirement to make my stop motion. 

More updates will follow. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015


My stopmotion idea is to use multicoloured crayons to create different patterns and shapes. 
My plan is to have the crayons leaving the box and moving across the page to create different designs.
 I will use different colours to create the illusion of the crayons flashing colour. 

This is my quick storyboard:

Friday, 6 February 2015

Artist Review

Ian Padgham is a very talented video producer and artist. He is known for his amazing stop motion animation clips that he posts on vine. His vines are all very creative and some of them have been made for very well known brands. 

On his vine account alone, Ian has 71,337,287 loops and 367.7K followers. His vines are very popular and have spread all over social media. 

I personally love his work, I'm always left wondering how he manages to create his vines. I encourage all of you to view his work. 
 If you don't have a vine account or can't find his profile, you can view one of his videos here:

Though Ian is mainly known for his animations, he also has many creative paintings and drawings:

you can view more of his artwork on his website at 

Ian has multiple accounts on social media. You can find him at the following places:
Twitter - @origiful
Youtube - @origiful
Vine - @origiful 
Instagram - @origiful

Be sure to leave him some likes and comments! :) 

Thursday, 22 January 2015


We watched a video about an art teacher who explained his students artwork. He had no information previously about the artwork and he attempted to explain the work as if it were his own. 

What does this tell us about the importance of context

This tells us that at least some context is needed in order to understand. Having no depth of the artwork would make our explanation based purely on appearance alone. 

How would you feel if Gabriel discussed one of your artworks using the Mirror Crit?

I would feel slightly insulted and very amused. His opinions on the artworks were very straight forward and honest. Knowing that he didn't know what the artwork really meant would be amusing but also insulting. I would want everybody to know the truth about my artwork and what it really means. I would also take the criticism into consideration when creating my next piece of art. 

Do you understand your own work well enough to have it criticized?  

My work is usually just things that interest me. I like drawing as a way to empty the thoughts from my head and express myself. I would have to develop my own personal analysis of my work in order to explain it. 

What would you learn by having your work criticized?

I would learn how others view my work. Hearing the different opinions would allow me to understand what people like and dislike about my work. I would know how to improve and develop as an artist. Honest criticism would be very helpful and would be appreciated. 

Contemporary vs Traditional Art

In my opinion, Traditional art is the most commonly seen art. It usually consists of landscapes, and realistic objects or people. It's usually very realistic and resembles what we see in real life. To me, traditional art makes more sense. Traditional art is what I hope to create as an artist. I would like to be able to create images the way I actually see them. I have high expectations that I hope to meet. 

To me Contemporary art is a freer way to express yourself. Landscapes and nature is often used but without the idea of realism. It's how the artist views the world in their own way. Colours, shapes and lines are used to express the meaning of the art. I enjoy this type of art as well but I prefer realism. I respect and value both kinds of art and I hope to improve my own skills as an artist. 

- Brooke 🌸