Thursday, 22 January 2015

Contemporary vs Traditional Art

In my opinion, Traditional art is the most commonly seen art. It usually consists of landscapes, and realistic objects or people. It's usually very realistic and resembles what we see in real life. To me, traditional art makes more sense. Traditional art is what I hope to create as an artist. I would like to be able to create images the way I actually see them. I have high expectations that I hope to meet. 

To me Contemporary art is a freer way to express yourself. Landscapes and nature is often used but without the idea of realism. It's how the artist views the world in their own way. Colours, shapes and lines are used to express the meaning of the art. I enjoy this type of art as well but I prefer realism. I respect and value both kinds of art and I hope to improve my own skills as an artist. 

- Brooke 🌸

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