Thursday, 22 January 2015


We watched a video about an art teacher who explained his students artwork. He had no information previously about the artwork and he attempted to explain the work as if it were his own. 

What does this tell us about the importance of context

This tells us that at least some context is needed in order to understand. Having no depth of the artwork would make our explanation based purely on appearance alone. 

How would you feel if Gabriel discussed one of your artworks using the Mirror Crit?

I would feel slightly insulted and very amused. His opinions on the artworks were very straight forward and honest. Knowing that he didn't know what the artwork really meant would be amusing but also insulting. I would want everybody to know the truth about my artwork and what it really means. I would also take the criticism into consideration when creating my next piece of art. 

Do you understand your own work well enough to have it criticized?  

My work is usually just things that interest me. I like drawing as a way to empty the thoughts from my head and express myself. I would have to develop my own personal analysis of my work in order to explain it. 

What would you learn by having your work criticized?

I would learn how others view my work. Hearing the different opinions would allow me to understand what people like and dislike about my work. I would know how to improve and develop as an artist. Honest criticism would be very helpful and would be appreciated. 

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