Monday, 9 March 2015

Walk A Mile

This morning, my media arts class was introduced to The Walk A Mile Project by our teacher. I am very glad she shared this with us. She created her own blog post about this project as well as many others. 

Her blog post can be found here:

The Walk A Mile Project really opened my eyes and expanded my understanding of the relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. 

The objective of the project is to strengthen those relationships between the community at large and Urban Aboriginal Peoples. 

The project is a series of films that aim to draw attention to diversity and relationship-building. This project encourages all community members to truly understand the history of Aboriginal culture. What really happened? What if you change your perspective? 

Learning about the struggles that many Aboriginal communities faced was heartbreaking. The ignorance and inconsiderence of others has ruined families, communities, relationships, innocence. Different cultures and beliefs were lost. Promises and agreements were broken. Confidence turned to confusion and fear. 

This project explains in detail what many Aboriginal families and communities experienced and how they overcame it. Real families give their opinions and share their stories. This project shares true knowledge and disproves stereotypes and dishonesty. 

This project left me entirely open-minded and with a better understanding of Aboriginal struggles, culture and communities. The individuals and families featured in this project have so much strength and courage. I personally admire and support them. 

You can read more about The Walk A Mile Project here:

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