Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I've always enjoyed taking pictures because it allows me to capture a moment that I'll be able to remember. No picture is exactly the same and no moment can be recaptured.

The main element I decided to use for this assignment is the power and uniqueness of close up pictures. It creates depth and perspective. I had a lot of fun with this project.

One of the main things our art teacher made clear was that this assignment was about us. She wanted us to take pictures of things that we enjoy or feel represent ourselves in some way.

I personally love nature and animals. Both can be so beautiful and so mysterious. I'm always taking pictures of sunsets and adorable wildlife.

I also value my family more than anything. They will always come first. To me my pets are family as well. To represent this I included various pictures of my family that I thought were creative.

Video games will always be important to me. Not only are they fun but they allow you to escape into a different world. The same way that books do. Plus, I'll always be determined to compete and play against my brother.

Finally, I'm a very creative person. I like uniqueness and discovering new things. Drawing is the main way I like to express myself and so I included a picture to represent that part of myself.


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