Thursday, 18 June 2015


Who am I?
That's a very hard question to answer. I mean, how do you describe yourself? Who do you view yourself as? What are your strengths?  Weaknesses? How do you view your world? What matters most to you?

Now while I answer these questions, I want you to think about them too.

I didn't know at all who i was. I'm 17 years old and I haven't experienced everything yet. But to me, life is so beautiful. Yes, things go wrong and bad things do happen. But I will never hate life, no matter what it throws at me. The one thing I always think about is what mark I want to leave on the world. I want to matter. We have to all be here for a reason. I will not accept that we are supposed to be here to hurt our beautiful planet and fight for wealth. I want to make a difference, no matter how small. How great would it be to know that you changed someone's life even in the slightest way?

One thing I want most out of life is adventure. I have a huge desire to travel and experience all the amazing things life has to offer. After going on a trip with my parents recently, I'm addicted. Flying in an airplane absolutely blew my mind. But stepping off the plane and into Jamaica left me absolutely awestruck. It was so beautiful and different than what I was used to seeing. The mountains and green trees seemed to go on forever. The ocean and the palm trees made me feel like I was dreaming.  I'll forever remember that beautiful country and I hope to someday return.

What matters to me?
Family. Friends. Nature. Animals. Risks. Chances. Dreams.

My family and friends will always matter the most to me. Those are the people who came into your life and changed it. Even if you don't notice it. Think about it for a minute. How would your life be right now if you had been born into a different family? If you hadn't met a certain person? If you'd lost one of them. Appreciate everything you have.

Now nature will forever be my definition of beautiful. I love to just watch. I get excited everytime the seasons change even though I'll always know how they will look. But I get excited because of the change and because of that moment. No moment will be exactly the same and you can't ever get it back. So enjoy it while you can.

I always find myself admiring everything. From how green the trees look to how mind blowing sunsets can be to how other animals go about their own day. I wonder what animals think about and what they encounter. I wonder if I will see that exact animal ever again.

Now I never knew what to do with this obsession of mine. I seemed to be the only one admiring everything and I couldn't believe nobody else thought that way. Then I realized that I must be seeing something differently. I was seeing my own world and wondering why they couldn't see it too. Everyone is different. Everybody sees things their own way and has a world of their own. Mine is beautiful. Vibrant. Breath taking. Free.

My desire to experience a lot also confused me. I want to do everything! From sky diving to cliff jumping to swimming with sharks. I told my mom and she thought I was absolutely insane. Then I realized who I was. I'm curious and observant and adventurous. I'm a free spirit.

Now, who are you?

Here are so of my pictures:

I experimented a lot with different points of view and angles. Different shots and points of interest can make a huge difference in photos. I included examples showing the same picture from different angles and focus points. I learned a lot about photography and I've come to love it. It allows me to capture the beauty around me.

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