Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Grade 12 Art

My art teacher Mrs. Rose has started this year by asking us to interpret other artists work and opinions. Recently we were introduced to a quote and given an idea for a project. We are allowed to expand further from the idea as long as it represents who we are. We were asked to tell our own story/create a book about ourselves. How we would like to tell our story is up to us.

I have written down my ideas for this project and I am very excited for it. To expand on what is shown in the picture, I felt that one book wouldn't be enough to represent me.

How can somebody's experiences and interests be contained in only a few pages?

Instead I am going to create my own book covers that represent me. This will include my interests, things that are important to me,  and my goals and dreams. I will update on this project soon. ^.^

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