Thursday, 21 January 2016

Final Task - Part One

Artists Supporting Other Artists

Who understands artists more than other artists?

Artists know the struggle & stress that comes with created their own unique artworks. Whether they struggle with lack of ideas, motivation or creativity. Lots of artists strive for perfection and criticise their own artwork too harshly. They see everything that is wrong and can't seem to figure out how to improve. That's where the support of other artists comes in.

Many people don't understand how important an artists work is to them. They don't know how much time, effort, and passion went into making that project. Artists can work together and help each other. They could come together and share ideas. They could make a collaborative project and use multiple ideas.

Artists can also give their opinions and give useful advice that other artists can relate to and learn from. Things such as simple suggestions for improvement can be very helpful. Support can be given from artists around the world through social media. Simple tweets and comments can go a long way for artists who need a little bit of inspiration and encouragment. Artists can view each others artworks in person by attending gallery's and offering feedback.

People in the artist community need to support and encourage each other. 

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