Thursday, 21 January 2016

Final Task - Part Two

My Artwork

In my opinion, my most successful artwork was my project for the "You Are A Book" assignment. This assignment allowed me a lot of freedom. The project had to represent me & the way my mind works.

I hollowed out a real book to represent me. My thoughts and ideas run deep. And so I wanted to make something that represented that. I cut out the pages of a book and decorated it to represent myself. I painted it black and red to give it character. Those also happen to be my favorite colours.

I left the first few pages untouched to cover the hollowed out part of the book. To me that represented how I keep myself hidden. I don't like to share parts of my life with others. We all have our secrets. The first page had quotes and words of encouragement. Things that helped me stay positive through rough times.  The second page included first impressions that others had of me. I got a few of my friends to tell me what their first thoughts of me were and what words they would use to describe me. The third page were just random doodles of things I happened to be thinking about at that time. Art can be spontaneous and free. To me that's exactly what art is.

I learned a few things while creating my project. The first is to never judge a book by its cover. My book had a blank red cover. To many people that might seem boring. But that's only because they hadn't yet opened the book. You never know what you might find. You never truly know a person until they let you.

My least successful artwork would have to be the three piece series that I didn't get to finish. I was hoping to have three artworks that displayed my skill in shading and contrast. I was going to theme the artworks around my love for fantasy creatures. My first piece was of a dragon. It took me about a week to do. I worked on it non stop and tried my best to perfect my shading technique. It came out well. However, I didn't get to finish the second piece or start on the third piece. The second was going to be a fairy warrior. It started out well but did not get completed. The third piece was going to be a phoenix. I know that this project could have been a lot more successful had I given myself the time I didn't think I needed. Though the semester is over, I am still going to complete the project, not for the class but for myself. I know I can make this project a successful representation of what I can do.

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